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AJS Motorcycles 125cc Scramblers

Through the bustling city traffic, out on the open country roads, or the scenic green lane route. Our Scramblers are here to provide you with the ultimate adventure.

Two unique styles, which will you choose? 

AJS Scrambler 125cc retro style

'71 Desert Scrambler

Commemorating the commendable successes of AJS's USA Sales Manager Mike Jackson - in the November 1971 Barstow to Vegas, District 37, Mojave Desert race.

The '71 Desert Scrambler will be sure to thrill and inspire you with every twist of the throttle.

Tempest Scrambler

By-Way or High-Way, the Tempest Scrambler delivers fun by the load.

Available in four great colour options which reflect the colours of great AJS scramblers from the past.

AJS 125cc Scramblers UK
AJS 125cc scamblers malle-mile
AJS 125cc retro scrambler UK
AJS 125cc scamblers malle-mile

Malle Mile 2023

AJS 125cc scamblers malle-mile
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