This Safety Recall is being monitored by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) who are the government agency responsible for these matters.

Our commitment to safety and customer care dictates that there may be times during the life of your motorcycle where components have to be replaced under a manufacturers Safety Recall. This recall is one such occasion.
We request your co-operation to ensure your motorcycle is modified without delay, to ensure your maximum safety.

Models effected (Heritage 125cc range)

Cadwell 125

Cadwell Clubman 125

Tempest Roadster 125

Tempest Scrambler 125

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

The 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
is used to register and identify the motorcycle. 
The VIN is located on the right side of the
steering head-stock tube.

We would like to advise you that during ongoing quality assessment of our product we have identified a possible safety related problem on certain AJS vehicles within a specific production range. VIN LGVSJPS02GZ421070 to LGVSJPSAXJZ314056

It is a possibility that the headlight beam pattern on your AJS Heritage 125cc motorcycle is incorrect and this could result in oncoming drivers being dazzled. In addition, the rear reflector on the Cadwell 125 and Cadwell Clubman 125 only, may be positioned incorrectly meaning it may not be visible from certain angles such as; if a high vehicle is close behind you.

Therefore, it is necessary to inform you of this, and invite you to contact either your nearest or preferred AJS Dealer as soon as possible to arrange an appointment to have your vehicle inspected. To find your nearest AJS dealer, please use our Find A Dealer search.

This inspection and any related work will of course be carried out free of charge. The vehicle will be needed for approximately 45 mins (subject to the dealer having the headlight test equipment on site and any parts required, immediately available)
If you have any questions regarding this letter please speak to your AJS Dealer or telephone our Customer Services Centre on 01264 352 712 

As you will appreciate, we wish to contact all registered keepers of affected vehicles. Therefore, should you no longer own the vehicle referred to above, it would greatly assist us in the important task of tracing and informing the new keeper if you could kindly email the details of the new keeper to: as soon as possible. We can then redirect our correspondence to the correct address.


We have sent you this important notice as we are concerned about your safety.

We regret any inconvenience this inspection may cause but we are sure you will realise that it is essential to ensure the continued safe operation of your AJS motorcycle.
Thank you in advance for your valued co operation.

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