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Safety Notice 

Carefully read and study your Owners Manual before you ride your AJS motorcycle or scooter (Powered Two Wheeler). If you purchased your AJS Powered Two Wheeler from an authorised AJS dealer, this should have been given to you free of charge during the handover process. If you did not receive your Owners Manual, contact your AJS dealer and request one. A replacement can also be obtained directly from us.


Photography and video used within this Website shows AJS motorcycles being used by expert professional riders in protective clothing under controlled, closed course conditions. Images on this Website may also show Powered Two Wheelers ridden by or posed on by riders without protective clothing. In no way are you encouraged or expected to do the same. AJS Motorcycles Ltd. does not endorse or encourage riding without protective clothing or performing stunts, tricks or any form of irresponsible riding.

Always wear suitable protective clothing when riding your AJS Powered Two Wheeler.  


AJS Motorcycles Ltd. recommends only the use of AJS Genuine Parts and Accessories on AJS Powered Two Wheelers and these should be fitted only by an authorised AJS Motorcycles dealer. AJS Motorcycles Ltd. does not accept any liability whatsoever for defects, faults or component failure caused by the fitting of non-approved parts or accessories, or by the fitting of any approved parts, accessories or conversions by non-approved personnel. The fitting of non-approved parts, accessories or conversions, or the fitting of approved parts, accessories or conversions by a dealer who is not an authorised AJS Motorcycle dealer, may affect the handling, stability or other aspects of the motorcycle's operation, which may result in an accident causing serious injury or death. Do not modify your AJS Powered Two Wheeler illegally.

Be aware that if you increase your engine's cubic capacity you may invalidate your driving licence and insurance.


Do not overload or fit insecure loads to your AJS Powered Two Wheeler. Doing so could cause structural mechanical breakage or instability resulting in serious injury or death.

Carry out regular safety checks such as, tyre condition, tyre pressures, brake hose and cable routing and condition, chain and sprocket condition, security of handle bars and grips and control levers, brake pad condition, fuel and oil leaks, tightness of fasteners. Ensure your AJS Powered two Wheeler is serviced to the recommended schedule by an authorised AJS dealer.


Be sure to ride safely, defensively and within the limits of the law and your own riding abilities. Take extra rider training. Always wear an approved crash helmet, protective gloves, eye protection, safety boots and other appropriate protective clothing and always insist that any passenger does the same.

Never ride while you or your passenger is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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