Why buy an AJS?

A.J.S is one of the longest surviving British motorcycle companies. It has a glorious past and exciting future.


Now A.J.S brings to market exciting and unique Powered Light Vehicles that offer exceptional value, are of great quality, and reflect the A.J.S rich history and heritage.

It is our mission to allow the famous AJS name to live on, in association with excellent quality and service

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Enjoy the  benefits motorcycles and scooters have to offer, including:

  • Low running cost - a 125 motorcycle or scooter can return 100 mpg.

  • Inexpensive to insure compared to a car.

  • Easy to park, often for free.

  • CBT is much cheaper than getting a car licence.

  • Shorten your journey time by filtering through congestion.

  • Great fun and a sense of freedom.

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Why AJS?

The AJS brand is known worldwide for its famous history, and is associated with high quality and trust. Our motorcycles reflect this and we offer exceptional value for money.


All AJS motorcycles are European Whole Vehicle Type Approved to the latest standards meeting or exceeding European safety and emissions requirements.

All AJS motorcycles are supplied through an authorised dealer who will ensure that your motorcycle is prepared for you and inspected by a skilled technician before you take delivery to ensure it meets our high standards and your expectations.


Your dealer is there to offer you back-up and after sales service and to take care of any warranty issues should they arise. Your dealer can advise you about the necessary safety clothing you should wear, such as a suitable helmet, gloves, jacket and so on.

Find your nearest dealer today.

So, now you know why AJS, the question is which AJS will you choose? 

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